Anthony Bux

Anthony has worked in numerous leadership roles in the legal vertical since 2005. He has served in critical capacities in scaling two start-ups to north of $30MM in ARR, giving him an unparalleled perspective on what it takes to be successful in marketing, sales, operations and finance. He has repeatedly navigated the complex process of evaluating the root cause of business challenges and identifying both the correct process and partners to work through such challenges.

In 2005, Anthony joined Total Attorneys, the marketing company credited with pioneering legal lead generation for attorneys across the country, where Anthony developed sales strategies that directly resulted in significant YOY revenue increases and created sales operations process improvements that consistently increased conversion rates and deal-size. His efforts contributed directly to two capital raises. His success was tied to him consulting with his law firm customers on infrastructure development to nurture leads effectively. He learned the power of leveraging strong relationships with solutions providers to the benefit of his clients as a way to improve performance and reduce overhead. Anthony prided himself on creating a foundation for law firms to be successful and on establishing longevity to his business relationships.

In 2015 he joined a high-volume, national consumer law firm as Head of Business Development to help pursue the firm’s mission of improving access to justice. In 2019 he was promoted to Vice President of Partner Relations, where he managed 300+ attorneys across 48 states. As the spokesperson for the partner group, Anthony provided partner perspective to the executive management team and organized and hosted all partner functions, including the annual partnership meeting. He spearheaded the expansion of benefits to limited partners of the firm, including availability of the firm’s health benefits nationally, developed a transparent invoicing system, and drove evolution of the firm’s proprietary case management platform.

Anthony utilizes his skills, knowledge, and relationships in operations, marketing, sales, finance, and legal to help law firms eliminate the barriers and unnecessary costs associated with the growing pains of scaling a business. Anthony’s pillars in every relationship are trust and credibility. Check out his LinkedIn Profile for more.

Anthony is a lifelong resident of the Chicagoland area and currently resides in the city with his wife, Rebeca, their baby daughter, Luna, and their dog, Maisie. He spends his free time finding fun and interesting things to do around the city with his family, traveling, eating out, finding the latest new shows to stream, and going for a good run. And he’s finally learning to cook!