Scott Thede

Scott Thede, is a seasoned finance professional with a remarkable 18-year track record. Throughout his career, Scott has demonstrated his expertise in finance through roles within startups as well as marketing and law firms. With a blend of analytical acumen and industry insights, Scott carefully crafts financial forecasts and projections that focus on potential profits while simultaneously mitigating risks.

With his deep understanding of financial strategies and a keen eye for detail, Scott has consistently delivered impactful solutions that drive business growth and success. His strategic approach transforms data into actionable insights, enabling informed decisions that steer businesses towards their desired financial destinations.

Commitment, dedication, loyalty, and a solutions-oriented mindset define Scott’s approach as an employee. With unwavering commitment he consistently goes the extra mile to contribute to his team’s success, however his loyalty and commitment extends beyond Sanguine Strategic Advisors.

Scott grew up and currently lives outside Chicago in the Northwest Suburbs. He is a dedicated husband and father to his wife, Vanessa and his two daughters, Ariana and Olivia. He volunteers his free time within his community by coaching youth soccer and softball. When he’s not busy with practices he enjoys walking his two dogs and catching a Bears and Blackhawks game.