How do I change guest permissions in a Google Calendar event?

Step-by-Step Solution:



  • Step 2: Click on the event you want to edit, or create a new event by clicking on a specific date or the ‘Create’ button.


  • Step 3: In the event creation or editing window, add guests by entering their email addresses in the ‘Add guests’ section on the right side.


  • Step 4: Below the guest list, you’ll see options for guest permissions. Here, you can allow guests to:
    • Modify the event: Guests can change the event details.
    • Invite others: Guests can add more people to the event.
    • See the guest list: Guests can view the list of other attendees.


  • Step 5: Check or uncheck these options depending on what permissions you want to grant to your guests.


  • Step 6: After setting the desired permissions, click ‘Save’ at the top of the event details. If it’s an existing event and guests have already been invited, Google Calendar will ask if you want to send an update to all guests.


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