Financial Benefits


Improved Employee Wellness Positively Impacts the Bottom Line

Our program is designed to substantially reduce company expenses, enhance employee productivity, and positively impact your organization’s profit and loss statement. Experience the tangible benefits of a streamlined, compliant, and highly effective wellness program tailored to meet your needs.


WebMD Health Services Case Study

In a comprehensive study involving two distinct employee populations were evaluated: a group of 82,681 people who had lifestyle strategies to maintain overall health and well-being and minimize the risk of developing a preventable condition, and a group 28,941 employees managing severe chronic conditions. The conditions included heart failure, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and asthma.

Financial Breakdown of the Results

Condition Management Savings:

    • Total Participants: 28,941
    • High to Moderate Acuity Improvement: 39%
    • Moderate to Low Acuity Improvement: 12%
    • Cost Saving per High-Acuity Participant: $1,113
    • Total Annual Savings: $1.1 million

Lifestyle Intervention Savings:

    • Subset Participants: 1,000
    • High to Moderate Acuity Improvement: 23%
    • Moderate to Low Acuity Improvement: 43%
    • Cost Saving per Participant: $195
    • Total Annual Savings for Subset: $195,000

To Sum it Up, This Program Works

The FICA Wellness Program not only improves employee health outcomes but also offers substantial cost savings for employers. By addressing chronic conditions through targeted management and lifestyle interventions, the program significantly reduces healthcare expenditures.

With an annual cost saving of $1.1 million from condition management alone, and additional savings from lifestyle improvements, the program demonstrates a compelling ROI, making it an attractive proposition for any business aiming to optimize healthcare spending and enhance employee productivity. 

Seamless Integration & Minimal Disruption to Operations

The FICA Wellness Program is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing payroll processes. Adjustments to pre-tax deductions and reimbursements are managed through your payroll system, ensuring proper accounting and compliance and with no change to employees' net pay. Our team of payroll and benefit consultants streamlines administration, with little responsibility placed on your HR and payroll teams.

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Zero Net Cost: Implement our wellness program at no out-of-pocket expense, funded entirely through tax savings​​​​.

Boost Employee Health and Retention: Improve workforce well-being and reduce turnover with comprehensive wellness benefits​​.

Significant Tax Savings: Save up to 7.65% in FICA taxes per employee, making our program a financially savvy choice​​.